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Lush Body Signature Massage

Our most exquisite and relaxing!  The Signature Massage blends all of our most popular massage enhancers and modality into a luxurious full body, 75 minute experience.  Your session will include your favorite massage type, the purest of Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub for your back for a detoxifying and exfoliating, Heat Packs on your back and feet, aromatherapy and a relaxing scalp massage.   This service is not only soothing but plenty beneficial. 

75 Minutes  $119.00

MEMBERS - 75 min $99.00

Classic Swedish

Perfect for when you just want to be pampered.  Relax and enjoy a light pressure soothing massage
30 Minutes $34.99     /     60 Minutes $69.99     /     90Minutes $104.99

MEMBER - 30 min $29.99 / 60 min $59.99 / 90 min 89.99 

Muscle Tension Release

Our most popular and for good reason.  Moderate to firm pressure is applied along with a variety of techniques specifically designed to target and release built up muscle tension.
30 Minutes $34.99     /     60Minutes $69.99     /    90 Minutes $104.99

MEMBER - 30 min $29.99 / 60 min $59.99 / 90 min 89.99 


Deep Tissue 

Deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.  The focus is on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).
30Minutes $39.99    /     60Minutes $79.99     /     90Minutes $119.99

MEMBER - 30 min $29.99 / 60 min $59.99 / 90 min $99.99

Hot Stone

What a joy! Therapeutic, energizing and relaxing, warm stones calm the nervous system as they expand the blood vessels.  Aromatic essential oils and natural plant extracts restore vitality and bring a profound sense of well-being.
60Minutes $79.99

MEMBER 60 min $59.99

Back, Neck & Shoulder 

Short on time?   Step into our facilities for a 30 minute massage.  Stress tends to build up on the upper back, shoulders and neck, this session targets just that.  We'll get you back on track in no time.

30Minutes $34.99 

MEMBER 30 min $29.99


Prenatal massage therapy  can alleviate muscle aches and joint pains.  It can also help reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression while improving labor outcomes.  This technique is gentle and special pillows are used to aid in comfort.  Please not this massage is not recommended during the first trimester.
60 Minutes$69.99     

MEMBER - 60 min $59.99

Sports Therapy

Specially designed for athletes and active people, careful attention is given to overworked tired muscles to help with the recovery process and to regain range of motion and flexibility.   

60 Minutes$79.99

MEMBER - 60 min $59.99

Couples Massage

Spend quality time with your sweetheart or catch up with a friend.  Choose between Classic Swedish or Muscle Tension Massage, this is session for two people, same room, same time, full hour, full body, includes heat packs on your back and feet, a relaxing scalp massage.

60 Minutes $149.99

​MEMBERS - 60 min $129.99

Couples Retreat

​The royal treatment for two.  The perfect setting to celebrate your love, from special occasions to just time away, alone.  Choose from Classic Swedish or Muscle Tension Release, enjoy a bottle of champagne and chocolates, in an candle lit environment. Your session includes heat packs on your back and feet,  scalp massage, paraffin and aromatherapy.  Prepare to be amazed!

75 Minutes $179.99

​MEMBERS - 75 min $159.00